Skin Analysis & Consultation



Facials are one of the most common skin care treatments because everyone needs one! Bask in the glory of a nurturing hydrating mask or a more results-driven facial treatment by one of our skin experts at our relaxing clinic. Don’t have time to drop in? We stock all of the very best skin care products for home care, including the very latest in take-home facial packs, cleansers, serums and scrubs in our store and online.


At Skinco we believe that no two skins are the same. Skin is precious and we all have different concerns and different needs. Beneath the skin are ‘clues’ to what you may expect to see on the surface at some point in the future. So you are sure to benefit much more from any treatments and products, if your skin is skillfully analyzed first.

In order to analyze your skin, we use a diagnostic skin scanner to accurately identify the condition that your skin is in. We can clinically evaluate any premature ageing, scarring, pigmentation problems, irritation and then customize your best, treatment outcomes and homecare prescription that will thoroughly address your skin concerns.

We understand that some of our clients are far and away. That’s why we offer a Skype skin consultation. To read more about our Skype consult, click here As you are aware we pride ourselves on the knowledge that we have on skin, ingredients and products and we want to be able to share that with everyone. Here for we offer a skin analysis right in the comfort of your own home.

-Firstly you fill out a form that gives us a much better understanding of you and your concerns.

-We than ask you to snap some happy snaps of your skin and email it all through. Once we have done our homework we will meet with you through Skype and chat to you about our discovering’s and our recommendations. After this we will have a follow through appointment in 3-4 weeks time to make sure that you are benefiting from all the knowledge that we have shared.

30 minutes $60
(Redeemable on purchase of 2 or more products on the day)