Facials, Microdermabrasions & Oxygenation



Pressed for time but need something to give you that glow? Your skin will be deep cleansed and exfoliated with a professionally selected task-mask that will take care of breakouts, dehydration, sensitivity or pigmentation issues, all while indulging in a heavenly scalp massage!
30 Minutes $65


Want the facial of all facials? Then ‘Micro’ is for you.
Micro is one of our post popular treatments because it is safe, gentle and highly effective! Dead and tired skin cells are removed painlessly and non-invasively, leaving your skin fresh, smooth and radiant. It increases lymphatic drainage while collagen and elastin production are stimulated; resulting in firmer, younger looking skin. Micro additionally works on reducing fine and deep lines to improve the appearance of sun damage, scars, acne, blackheads; it works wonders for dull and rough skin. Your treatment includes extractions and a rejuvenating balancing mask. This procedure is not traumatic with any down time – you’ll truly love the results!
60 minutes $120
3 for $310 or 6 for $595


This is the Cinderella Treatment, designed for anyone and everyone. The ideal pick-me-up or it can be added in to boost your chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment.

Oxygenation will soothe and calm your skin in no time. Clearing and ironing-out pigmentation. Its anti-bacterial properties will increase skin turnover and general skin health in no time. This addition will help prepare your skin for extracations and benefit from your chosen treatment more deeply by enabling absorption of products at a deeper level
3 for $260 or 6 for $480
$50 add on to any facial treatment