Cosmetic Tattoing



Cosmetic tattooing is the injection of micro-pigment into the skin to imitate the appearance of makeup. It is designed to enhance your natural features when not wearing makeup. Depending on the area treated, the colour used, age of the client and skin condition, cosmetic tattoo may last anywhere between 6 months to 5 years. 

Predominantly, the darker the pigment the larger the particles, therefore the longer lasting. Cosmetic tattoo is implanted into the very top layer of the dermis and lower layers of the epidermis, where the colour can be slowly metabolized. The larger the particle, the harder it is for the body to move it (hence the reason why body tattoo does not disappear). For a client to have blonde coloured tattoo, this may only last between 6 months to 18 months before needing a touch up. 

Having your face ‘tattooed’ isn’t something you just decide to do overnight. It’s a very daunting and anxiety driven process. Many clients will have done their research and sat on the idea for at least 6 months prior to making the appointment. Some clients will also come in just for a consultation in order to gain a better understanding of the process and what is involved. 
As all our consults are absolutely honest and detailed, majority of clients feels very comfortable in booking in their first session straight after.

The number one question during a consultation is ‘Which type of tattoo do you think would suit me?’ (feather stroke or powder brow) **insert us**. All relevant questions will be asked to determine your expectations and you will get our honest and professional advice. If we don’t think cosmetic tattooing is suitable for you, we will let you know. We do not perform tattooing on just anybody. 

Here is a quick run down of the 2 different methods of eyebrow tattooing that we perform..

Featherstroke aka Microblading aka 3D Brows aka Hairstroke

This technique is done by hand with a small disposable tool which has tiny needles in a row. The skin is slightly scratched (like a papercut) in a hairstroke like pattern. Pigment is then pushed into the strokes to make them darker to mimic your natural eyebrow hair. It is a very natural looking tattoo and highly requested. The longevity of this method is between 6 months to 18 months. We highly recommend clients to have a ‘colour boost’ at the 12 month mark.

Powder Brow aka Ombre

This technique is secretly one of our favourites (shhhh!). If you pencil your brows or tint them on a regular basis, then this is the method for you! Whilst initially this method scares many away with the down time and darkness, it fades into the most subtle and amazing ‘powdered’ look. This technique gives your eyebrows more definition and fills them in perfectly (just like a pencil or tint). The longevity of this method is between 12 months to 3 years. Again, we highly recommend clients to have a ‘colour boost’ at the 18 month mark.

All Brow’d treatments are performed in clean, sterile conditions. The finest quality equipment is used and needles are individually packed and sterilized and disposed of in a sharps container immediately after use.

For more information regarding pricing, available dates and obtaining a detailed ‘what’s involved in the process’ sheet, please contact us at Skinco.