Skinco is the brainchild of local business woman and mother of two, Sarah Holland. Over a decade ago a love and passion for the skincare and beauty industry brought her back to her home town of Ararat to open a clinic of her own. .

Sarah’s desire to pioneer in the skincare world started long before she entered the world of small business. At age 14 Sarah experienced severe acne and was prescribed the strongest, harshest dose of prescription acne treatment roaccutane, which is supplied to many teenagers without adequate research into the side effects.

This propelled her to find safer, more effective treatments and products for not only the issue of typical and atypical acne, but also many other worrying skin concerns faced by women of all ages and backgrounds.

Through her education at the MAI institute with extensive on-going training Sarah discovered that most modern skin problems are caused by a constant over-stripping of the skin’s protective barriers, which leads to many sensitivities and an accelerated ageing process.

Skinco has thus placed emphasis on restoring the skin back to optimal health, then adding nutrients that build on the skins natural integrity and ability to repair; but don’t be fooled, Skinco’s treatments are grounded in scientific evidence and dermatological research, bringing locals the very best that modern skincare has to offer.



The skin therapists at skinco are trained to an impeccably high standard, with ongoing training and development occurring frequently to ensure we bring you the best that is on offer. Our specialty and passion lies within clinical Anti-Ageing and Acne treatments delivered in a relaxing and rejuvenating environment. Unlike other salons, we strongly believe that genuine results can be achieved without skimming on the quintessential pampering experience of a beauty treatment ; thereby fostering the connection between reducing stress levels and the success in treating inflammatory skin conditions.

We also offer traditional grooming services, such as Waxing, SHR permanent hair removal, Manicures & Pedicures, Massage, Spray Tanning, Tinting and Lash Lifts.



It’s too easy to produce a ‘mission statement’ that embraces the obvious virtues of ‘doing the right thing’ and making us look like ‘the good guys’, so we admit to having struggled with how to convey our message.  Then one of the team came up with a stroke of inspiration.  “Our customers trust us” she said.  “Let’s tell everyone why that is, and try to find more customers who can discover for themselves why we are who we are.”  Genius.

For those of you who know us, you’ve observed  first hand that we really are dedicated to providing our clients with the most advanced products and treatments which have one thing in common – they are all results-driven.  One of the biggest shifts in the beauty industry over the last decade is the idea of personalized treatments and regimes. At Skinco we understand that all of you are different.  Our therapists reject the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy because it simply doesn’t work. At Skinco we work to diagnose your skincare problems, before prescribing a tailored regime. You wouldn’t allow a doctor to give you medicine without knowing your ailment, just because it worked for their previous patient; so we urge you to accept that same higher standard for your skin!

We are consistent in the way we personalize our services because our products and treatments must be ‘matched’ to the clients needs to ensure we achieve our goal, and your goal.  And that is Results!

Caring about our customers starts with caring about our team.  We want nothing less than a workplace that’s a joy to visit as a client, and a joy to work in as one of the team.  Skinco extends that ‘community’ ethos beyond the walls of the salon, by supporting local companies where we try to source as many products where they fit within our mission.  We’re also proud to support other local businesses with sponsorship wherever we can.

The therapists at Skinco have worked tirelessly to earn the ‘trust’ of our amazing loyal clients. The rapid expansion of the beauty industry, combined with the explosion of the internet and social media has left many individualism unsatisfied, misled and mistrusting of their beauty salons. Skinco wants to restore your confidence. We want to extend the benefits of personalized skincare to more members of our community.   Now that’s what we call a mission statement.

 Skinco was recently named “Best Professional Services” in the Powercore Grampians and Pyrenees Business Awards.